Apartmanlar are a noisy rock band formed in Istanbul in 2019. Founding members
are Furkan Güleray (Guitars) and Ölü Bebek (Vocals, Guitars).
The band released their debut EP Apartmanlar in 2019. The album was a homemade
recording, which includes cheap and dark tunes with a smell of eastern vibe.
In 2019, Birkan Başören (Drums), Deniz Braderin (Synthesizers, Backing Vocals)
and Dehan Kılınçarslan (Bass Guitar) joined the band.
On 28th of February, Apartmanlar released Son Rüya the first single “of their second
EP AŞKAŞKSEVGİSEVGİAŞKAŞK. The album has been released in the following week,
on the 6th of March, via Tamar Records.
AŞKAŞKSEVGİSEVGİAŞKAŞK is -a five song album- mainly a no wave album with
post-punk affection.

01. Melekler Kaybolunca
02. Kaybederken Yanımda
03. Aptallığım Geçmiyor
04. Son Rüya
05. Seni Seviyorum

Words: Ölü Bebek
Music: Furkan Güleray, Ölü Bebek
Mix & Mastering: Ölü Bebek
Cover Art: Şahika A.